Sabtu, 05 Januari 2013

MWATHIRIKA : on the stages of USA

We were performing in 5 province, 7 different towns and cities in USA..
and here are the photos of our performance in Bandung, just before we flew to USA...

...hope you enjoy the moments, dear...

MWATHIRIKA is ..dedicated to the whole universe..

while those people were celebrating the things that they thought was right.
with a big excitement , no matter what..

while the little boy was having his own time.

and a mean dog didn't mean a mean thing..

it's about how to take care each other..

..about loving each other..
..about a big brother with his little brother...

about a freedom of celebrating their life..

about a mini circus that always happens in everyone's life.

about the happy father who wants to give the best..
to his little daughter.

about a sign that could change someone's life..

...while all began, in the darkness.

the other people just do their job,
because it's a command.

when the effect is not only a little thing...

and they just try to survive.

feel cold and sad.

they were only the two of millions that has the same feeling

but it's not an end yet..

while being alone.. is the only thing that he had

and in the end of the day..

 we'll see... 
the time that they never could say goodbye.


text by Maria Tri Sulistyani ( Ria)
  photos were captured by Sondhiar and Arul.

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