Sabtu, 05 Januari 2013

How we packed all the sets of MWATHIRIKA

Traveling by bringing all the sets, puppets and properties for MWATHIRIKA was not that simple for the first time for all of us.
Doing the very first time tour abroad with MWATHIRIKA, was such a challenge.

So, we did lots of changes of the sets, but still thinking how to keep the artistic sense on it.
On the first version of sets that we produced on 2010, we use lots of woods.

and now we change it.
We are using Fabric instead of the heavy woods.
and all the sets are knocked-down-construction.

this is the mock-up of the stage.
we need to send the photos of the mock up to show the measurement of the set.
we choose to make the handmade one, and not the digital one.
i hope it helps.. ;P

and this is the sketch..

and these are the knocked down construction of the sets.
on the first show of MATHIRIKA, we build every sets from woods.
and now we change them into aluminium bars and fabrics.. ;)

 all knocked down!! :D


And guess what?!!

Traveling with 8 people by bringing 10 suitcases in total !
We don't need to ship ANYTHING!!

and yes, we are ready to travel and spread the words of MWATHIRIKA... :)

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